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“because the creator made us steward trustees over all, it is only when our thoughts, words and deeds are unified to reflect our honor and respect for each other, our true indigenous blood, that truth-respect-justice-unity-common welfare-prosperity-tranquility-wisdom-love, will once again become a u.n.i-verse-al reality among us. we must return to one family, one mind, one heart, one spirit!"


our mission of philanthropy

our purpose is to be the example of excellence and to protect indigenous lifestyle freedoms. we do this by developing, managing, administrating, and maintaining our fiduciary stewardship of the world through the fulfillment of our guiding principles of “truth-respect-justice-unity-common welfare-prosperity-tranquility-wisdom-love”, which selflessly directs us to:


 1. instill equality and diversity among the indigenous people worldwide;


 2. eliminate poverty worldwide by providing grants, items and services to indigenous individuals and families in need and/or indigenous charities, or other indigenous organizations working to prevent or relieve poverty among indigenous peoples;


3. inspire and promote the advancement of the spiritual nature, culture and wellbeing of the indigenous people for the benefit of the indigenous public in accordance with the natural spiritual laws of the universe as given by our indigenous creators;


4. empower community development to further and benefit the indigenous communities of the world;


5. promote the advancement of indigenous education and culture in all forms of spiritual re-development of our indigenous way of life;


6. provide foundation for true conciliation and mediation for the benefit of the indigenous public, assistance through conciliation for indigenous families and couples whose relationships appear to be breaking down, and where such relationships have already broken down, to advise and aid in the settlement of differences or potential differences over associated matters such as children and/or financial matters, and to provide the proper balanced atmosphere for restorative cleansing and healing through spiritual mentoring of each individual for the sole benefit of reuniting them as a true family or couple;


 7. assist and provide disaster relief and rehabilitation/redevelopment worldwide;


 8. provide foundation for proper elder care;


 9. promote and enforce soveran indigenous natural rights worldwide;


10. provide technology and services to eliminate all sickness and disease, and preserve complete health among indigenous people worldwide;


11. create the foundation to eliminate financial hardship among indigene people worldwide by providing such individuals with goods/services and personal resources which they could not individually obtain through lack of means;


12. provide refuge;


13.  develop and promote successful family planning on the higher spiritual meaning and mastery of marriage and to develop a sense of responsibility in regard to physical relationships with the aim of preventing the suffering caused by premature pregnancy;


14.provide meaningful employment for the benefit of the indigenous people in such ways as may be thought fit, including training and placement within the indigene nation business community;


15.promote and facilitate the administration of divine order by the promotion of arbitration, mediation and conciliation services to peaceably and honorably settle disputes worldwide;


16.provide foundation for the full development and advancement of indigenous youth;


17. promote regeneration for the benefit of the indigenous people of urban or rural areas of social and economic deprivation worldwide;


18. promote sustainable development for the benefit of the indigene people worldwide, and advance the education of the indigene people in subjects relating to sustainable development and the protection, enhancement and rehabilitation of the environment and to promote study and research in such subjects provided that the useful results of such study are disseminated to the indigene people worldwide;


       sustainable development means “development which meets the needs of the indigene people in present time without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.




this is our mission, this is our life!


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