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“because the creator made us steward trustees over all, it is only when our thoughts, words and deeds are unified to reflect our honor and respect for each other, our true indigenous blood, that truth-respect-justice-unity-common welfare-prosperity-tranquility-wisdom-love, will once again become a u.n.i-verse-al reality among us. we must return to one family, one mind, one heart, one spirit!"


the history of our family  has lost much of it's truth through destruction of our ancient lands, artifacts, burial grounds, forced displacement, and much more.  our diversity is so great and wonderful that we can't help but thrive under any circumstance and overcome all forms of attempted genocide used against us.


our family is much greater then what we have been brainwashed to believe and includes all indigenous people descended from the pre-colonial/pre-invasion indigenous men and women around the world. we have always maintained a close tie to mother earth, our land, in our cultural, economic and spiritual practices, and we have suffered far to long from economic and political marginalization as separate minority groups. this we shall be subject to no more. we are one family!


the pictures on this page are but a few of the countless faces of beauty that only we can create.

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