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“because the creator made us steward trustees over all, it is only when our thoughts, words and deeds are unified to reflect our honor and respect for each other, our true indigenous blood, that truth-respect-justice-unity-common welfare-prosperity-tranquility-wisdom-love, will once again become a u.n.i-verse-al reality among us. we must return to one family, one mind, one heart, one spirit!"

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Over 100 Million Positions Available. Find work opportunities that you love and excel. There is no requirement for a Social Insurance Number, no criminal record check and no security clearance required.

Information on what to consider before starting a business, including registration, business plan templates, regulations, and business entity formation.

Manage a business

Information about positions with the Nation Gaurd Forces and centre locations.

Gaurd Forces

Learn how to acquire a home for you and your family without the hastles of a fraudulent bank loan or high risk financing.

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Establish your own garden and grow fresh organic fruits, vegetables and more year round right from your home or community center. Training and assistance provided for all affiliates and family.

Organic gardening

Includes information for passport applications, passport office location, processing fees and processing times for new applications.


Quick access to most requested information and services

Specialized training for correct use of Nation ID and procedures on how to properly communicate and interact with officials and agents of foreign corporate institutions, agencies and instrumentalities while traveling.

Identification card

The Nations mission is a vast one and the call for assistance rings out around the world from our indigenous family. Let's join together and answer the call today.

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