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“because the creator made us steward trustees over all, it is only when our thoughts, words and deeds are unified to reflect our honor and respect for each other, our true indigenous blood, that truth-respect-justice-unity-common welfare-prosperity-tranquility-wisdom-love, will once again become a u.n.i-verse-al reality among us. we must return to one family, one mind, one heart, one spirit!"

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nation prayer


giving all thanks, praise,

honor and glory to the great spirits,

our father/mother creators

and to the memory of our great

indigenous ancestors.



a meditation


as an indigenous being we call upon the great spirits and wisdom of our ancestors and the cosmic forces of truth and justice to be with us, to unite us, to strengthen our sense of responsibility and help us to re-capture our minds, to re-cover and store our higher knowleoge and the love of self, to learn, to study, to create, to build, to plan and to work together for our survival as individuals & uni-verse-al indigene family.


may the inspiration of our glorious indigenous past combined with the divine light of cosmic energies surround and protect us from all negative vibrations, thoughts, feelings and actions as we re-dedicate and commit ourselves to re-affirming and re-claiming our stewardship and our royal ansecstral heritage. as before, we once again become the almighty force in the restoration of truth, respect, justice, unity, common welfare, prosperity, tranquility, wisdom & true love on this planet and throughout the uni-verse.



maat hotep

(thank you seestah fannie s. clark)





our government

Gov. Relations
Nomothetic Council
Steward Council
Geneology Center
Emergency Man.
Fire Bureau
Holistic Center
Gaurdian Council

the object of a divine government is to promote the complete happiness of society - affording equal security to the property and persons of every individual, - protecting the weak against the strong, - the poor against the rich, in short, - by guarding against the extremes of indigence and crime, - luxury and vice, - and spreading an equilibrium of comfort and enjoyment through all ranks, by good laws, wisely conceived and impartially administered.

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